Normal Cheese Pizza-
Avgerage 8 slice, 3 cheese pizza.
Small $8.99, Medium $11.99, Large $14.99.

Meat Lover's Pizza-
Cheese pizza with pepperoni, beef, ham, and bacon on top.
Small $10.99, Medium $13.99, Large $16.99.

Vegetarian Pizza-
All materials are vegan safe, with complimentary veggies on top.
Small $10.99, Medium $12.99, Large $15.99.


Cheesey Bread
A spread of dough with cheese covering the top with aspecial mix of herbs and spices.
6 pieces $5.99, 10 pieces $9.99, 14 pieces $13.99.

Cheese Sticks-
Bread slices filled with gooey mozzerella in the inside.
4 sticks $3.99, 8 sticks $7.99, 12 sticks $11.99

Caesar Salad-
traditional salad with optional dressing
Small $3.99, Medium $5.99


Your choice of either coke, pepsi, orange, or grape.
Fills one glass for $4.99.

Apple, orange, grape , or punch.
Each fills one glass and costs $5.99.

For the adults there is a variety of alcohol also served as long as theres atleast one person not drinking.
Vodka $4.99 a shot, Scotch $5.99 a shot, Rum $3.99 a shot.